Marigold of Sweden






A skin lotion made of only natural ingredients; The petals of the marigoldflower, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. No added water or perservatives. Why put chemicals on your skin!?


Marigold of Sweden stays good for usage at least for a year, an opended container should be used within a month.


Product has not been tested on animals!


The cream needs a while to be absorbed into the skin. I usually apply it in the evenings, it leavs my skin soft for the whole next day, without any shine.


I was born in 1972 and have used the cream for over ten years and most people think I'm in my thirties. The marigoldflower has an astringent effect, perhaps thats why I only have a few laugh lines and no others!?


All photos on this website are untouched. I also never used Botox or fillers, I don't need to, I have Marigold of Sweden.


My name is Suzanne Karlsson and it is I who both manufacture and sell Marigold of Sweden. I used to have a sensitive skin with a lot of redness. From an elderly women, she looked like she was in her sixties but she had already past eighty, I got the tip of using olive oil. I did so and it helpt almost immediately but it was messy to work with.


On a local market I then got to try a cream that was made with marigolds, I got the good characteristics of Marigold explained for me and found it intriguing. Since before I knew about all the good products the bee produces and I figured out a way of combining beeswax, olive oil and Marigold into an easy to use cream.


Marigold of Sweden is sold in a glass jar, I don’t want to use plastics.


If you would like to by Marigold of Sweden, please ask your local shop to add it to their assortment.

Visit our business partner Moheda Sylt, who makes other Swedish specialities and only with real ingredients!


Suzanne Karlsson

Odensjö Hagalund 1

            SE 342 55 Grimslöv

info @marigoldofsweden.se

Tfn +46 76 254 32 30


Follow us to find out new resellers in Europe. Marigold of Sweden is expening every week. 

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